Halfling Scales of War Campaign

Session 11

So this is the Shadowfell....

Plot Recap:

  • The party finds a smuggling operation using teleporters under The Happy Beggar. They encounter a dark creeper that steals one of the brass keys and escapes through a portal. Later the party is pulled through the portal as well.
  • The party arrives in the Shadowfell. Before they can explore far a Dark Creeper patrol finds them. Mistaking the party for mercenaries, the patrol orders the party to return to the mercenary camp. There they rent some overpriced tent space from a troll and rest for the night. The party is level 5 when they wake up the next morning.
  • The party then begins exploring the camp and searching for information. They learn that the camp is called Umbraforge, and is the domain of Sarshan, a Shadar-kai. Sarshan is apparently supplying weapons and mercenaries to groups all over the world. They also learn that Modra used to work for Sarshan, but now they are enemies.

Kill Recap:

  • Note: A Dark Creeper, possibly Modra, was encountered but not killed.
  • 5 Wraiths (Level 5 Lurker)
  • 1 Seething Wraith (Level 7 Controller)
  • 2 Fire Bats (Level 5 Skirmisher)
  • 1 Hell Hound (Level 7 Brute)
  • 1 Magma Hurler (Level 4 Artillery)

Skill Challenges:

  • Sarshan’s Secrets (Level 6, Complexity 4) – Started but not completed


Hmm, a tricky place. ‘Opefully that portal is still two-way for when we need to go back ‘ome.

Bloody bats.

-- Adrik
Session 11

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