Halfling Scales of War Campaign

Session 10

Overlook City Crawl

Plot Recap:

  • The party searches for clues about Modra and why he might want the brass key. They uncover information that Modra might have been supplying weapons to the Orcs. The party also discovers that the group that attacked them was part of an organization known as the Lost Ones.
  • Along the way they meet Reniss, a half-elf ranger. Reniss is seeking to avenge the death of her sister Jen, who was a member of the Farstriders.
  • The party and Reniss wind up in hidden tunnels below a poorhouse called The Happy Beggar.

Kill Recap:

  • 4 Shadowhuner Bats (Level 3 Lurker)
  • Doomspores – Hazard (Level 3 Obstacle)
  • 3 Dark Creepers (Level 4 Skirmisher)
  • 2 Shadow Hounds (Level 6 Skirmisher)
  • 1 Shadar-kai Witch (Level 7 Controller) – The witch had a brass key identical to the previous one.

Skill Challenges:

  • Modra’s Plots (Level 4, Complexity 4)


Unlike the Farstriders, this lass Reniss isn’t being arrogant.

This “Happy Beggar” place is anything but, unless your thing is windy sermons and cups of tea. Give me drinkin’ songs and barrels of ale any day!

-- Adrik
Session 10

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