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  • Sinruth

    Sinruth was the hobgoblin leader of the band that recently attacked Brindol. He used [[Castle Rivenroar]] as his base of operations. Aspiring to greatness, he decided to pattern his band after the [[Red Hand of Doom]]. In the end he turned out to be …

  • The Emissary

    Based on a [[Sinruth’s Note|note]] found on [[Sinruth|Sinruth’s]] corpse, someone calling themselves The Emissary encouraged Sinruth to attack [[Brindol]]. It is unknown at this time who The Emissary is.

  • Adronsius

    Adronsius is a male dwarf alchemist. He is the owner and proprietor of [[Alchemy by Adronsius]] in [[Brindol]]. He was captured by [[Sinruth|Sinruth’s]] band and later rescued by the party. He offers a 10% discount at his shop to all party members …

  • Jalissa

    Jalissa is a female human acolyte of Ioun. She was one of the [[Rivenroar Prisoners|seven townsfolk]] captured by [[Sinruth]]. She was somewhat traumatized by her capture, and clung desperately to [[Marius Decius]] for support after being rescued.

  • Kartenix

    Kartenix was the captain of the guard in Brindol at the time of [[Sinruth|Sinruth’s]] attack. He was captured in the attack. The party later found his corpse wrapped in webs by Ettercaps. He is the only one of the [[Rivenroar Prisoners]] not rescued …

  • Mirtala

    Mirtala was a cook at the Pantashi Inn in [[Brindol]] when she was captured in a raid led by [[Sinruth]]. She was rescued by the party, but during her imprisonment she was bitten repeatedly by dire rats. This traumatized her and getting her to speak …

  • Modra

    Modra is the Dark Creeper that hired the [[Lost Ones]] to attack the party and take the [[brass keys|brass key]]. He apparently used to work for [[Sarshan]], but they had a falling out. Modra was killed by the party in the [[Umbraforge Foundry]].

  • Sarshan

    Sarshan is the Shadar-kai that apparently rules [[Umbraforge]]. He is an outcast who made a name for himself as the leader of a legendary mercenary band known as the Black Arrow. At their height, the Arrow put so much fear in generals and kings alike …

  • Og

    Og was an Orog hero killed by the party under [[Monastery of the Sundered Chain]]. Og was beating [[Kalad]] when the party arrived, but Kalad survived thanks to the party's brave efforts. Og was quite hard to kill due to a high AC and a brutal + to hit …

  • Kalad

    Kalad is tall for a dwarf, thickly muscled, with a friendly, if gruff, demeanor. He is deeply pious and spends a portion of each day in prayer and meditation. He is the last know survivor of the monks that formerly occupied the [[Monastery of the …

  • Farstriders

    The Farstriders was an adventuring group that traveled over much of the [[Elsir Vale]] before meeting their demise under the [[Stonehome Mountains]]. They were slain attempting to close off [[The Nexus]], and the party had to finish the task. Led by …

  • Sertanian

    Sertanian is the castellan of the [[Hall of Great Valor]] in [[Brindol]]. He was one of the [[Rivenroar Prisoners|seven prisoners]] captured by [[Sinruth]] and taken to [[Castle Rivenroar]]. He was later rescued by the party. Sertanian is a dignified …

  • Thurann

    Thurann is 8-year-old son of the former guard captain, [[Kartenix]]. He and his father were among the [[Rivenroar Prisoners|seven captives]] taken by [[Sinruth]] to [[Castle Rivenroar]]. The party rescued Thurann, but his father did not survive.

  • Zerriksa

    Zerriksa was one of the [[Rivenroar Prisoners|seven captives]] taken by [[Sinruth]] to [[Castle Rivenroar]]. She is an elderly woman with a very cranky demeanor. After being rescued by the party she seemed completely ungrateful. She also complained …

  • Eoffram Troyas

    [[Brindol]] Councilmember Eoffram Troyas hired the party to rescue the [[Rivenroar Prisoners|captured townsfolk]] and recover the [[stolen Brindol treasures]]. He was distrustful of the party at first and requested an interview before agreeing to hire …

  • Leena

    Leena is the shadar-kai witch that told the party about [[Modra|Modra’s]] plan to destroy the [[Umbraforge Foundry]] and [[Umbraforge Tower|Tower]]. In return for the information she only asked that they kill Modra quickly. She wears a black cloak …

  • Reniss

    Reniss is a half-elf ranger currently travelling with the party. She came to [[Overlook]] to find [[Modra]] after receiving a message from her sister Jenn via a sending stone. Jenn was a member of the [[Farstriders]], who were killed trying to get to [[ …

  • Iranda

    Iranda was a dark creeper killed by the party in the tunnels under the [[Stonehome Mountains]]. It seems likely that Iranda was working with [[Modra]] to supply weapons and support to [[Tusk]] and his invading orcish armies. At the time of his demise …

  • Tusk

    Tusk was an exceptionally large Orog that managed to band together an army in the orcish wastes. This army marched eastward in an attempt to raid the more fertile areas in the [[Elsir Vale]]. Tusk was killed by the party in [[The Nexus]], but the …

  • Myrissa

    Myrissa was a Shadar-Kai warlock that served [[Tusk]] in his effort to attack the [[Elsir Vale]]. She died in [[The Nexus]] along with Tusk.

  • The Warden

    The Warden was a gnoll with a pet Behir that the party killed in Dunesend. According to the villagers he was working for [[Queen Sephatiah]].

  • Queen Sephatiah

    Queen Sephatiah was a Naga that ran the Lost Karak Mines until the party killed her. Apparently [[The Warden]] worked for her by collecting tribute from villagers. She also had a Dryad working for her that posed as a decoy and "front man".

  • Bram Ironfell

    Bram Ironfell is a dwarf NPC living in Overlook. He is a high ranking member of the Elsir Consortium, a powerful group of merchants. He has hired the party to search for the [[Karak Lode]].

  • Mag Blackthorn

    Mag Blackthorn is a Human ranger that the party travelled with in [[the Thornwaste]]. He left shortly before the party entered [[Dunesend]].

  • Alys

    Alys was a messenger from [[Brindol]] that was looking for the party in [[Overlook]]. She was kidnapped by the [[Lost Ones]] and had to be rescued by the party.

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