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  • Session 15

    h4. Plot Recap: * On the second day in the desert after leaving [[Dunesend]] the party encoutners an old lady in the desert who warns them to turn back. The party senses something isn’t quite right about the situation. And a fight ensues and the …

  • Session 16

    h4. Plot Recap: * The party continued exploring the fortress, going from the lower level to the ground floor to the top level. Eventually they passed through the northern overlook and went back down to the ground floor. * At this point they …

  • Session 17

    h4. Plot Recap: (Chris joined us for this session, so I had to come up with a way to explain his sudden appearance. So...) * Back in overlook, Jon’s wizard (whose name I can’t remember) and Chris’ warlock ([[Marius Decius]]) were trying to unravel …

  • Karak Lode

    The Karak Lode is a lost dwarven mine. The party found the mines, but an elemental rift had corrupted the ore. Apparently the elemental chaos caused the Dwarves to go insane, and they eventually killed one another.

  • Fortress Ironfell

    Deep in the desert three days south of [[Dunesend]], an isolated outcropping of basalt holds this impressive fortress. Within the fortress is the once famous [[Karak Lode]].

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