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  • Adronsius

    Adronsius is a male dwarf alchemist. He is the owner and proprietor of [[Alchemy by Adronsius]] in [[Brindol]]. He was captured by [[Sinruth|Sinruth’s]] band and later rescued by the party. He offers a 10% discount at his shop to all party members …

  • Kalad

    Kalad is tall for a dwarf, thickly muscled, with a friendly, if gruff, demeanor. He is deeply pious and spends a portion of each day in prayer and meditation. He is the last know survivor of the monks that formerly occupied the [[Monastery of the …

  • Bram Ironfell

    Bram Ironfell is a dwarf NPC living in Overlook. He is a high ranking member of the Elsir Consortium, a powerful group of merchants. He has hired the party to search for the [[Karak Lode]].

  • Adrik

    So, I expect you're wondering what led me to being an adventurer, right? Well, my family has had an hereditary quest for the last twenty generations and more. And each generation, we've come up empty-handed. You see, we're seeking for a lost clan, …

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