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So, I expect you’re wondering what led me to being an adventurer, right?

Well, my family has had an hereditary quest for the last twenty generations and more. And each generation, we’ve come up empty-handed.

You see, we’re seeking for a lost clan, the Firstborn of Moradin. Legend has them dead or scattered at the hands of the Giants that had enslaved our people for generations, but whispered rumours and fragmented lore hint that some had gotten away, and had founded themselves a new home, far from anyone and anything that could oppress them.

And so my family has sent out one of their own each generation for centuries now, looking for them. Most have come back after a few years empty-handed; a few recovered a clue, a scrap of writing or some mossy runes scrawled on a milestone; and others were never heard from again.

The last such quester, my uncle, had found evidence to suggest that Overlook would be the best place to look for further clues. As this generation’s Seeker, I was on my way there, taking my ease in Brindol when a group of hobgoblins burst into the bar and set light to the place. The ensuing fight was where I met my travelling companions and starting finding mysteries to rival the one I was working on.

I’ve put my quest aside for the time being, but I’m keeping an eye out for anything I can find on the Firstborn. And who knows, maybe this is the universe’s way of putting me on the right track in the first place.


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