Halfling Scales of War Campaign

Session 9

The Nexus is Sealed

Plot Recap:

  • The party reaches and seals The Nexus, dooming the Orc invasion to failure.
  • The party returns to Overlook and is rewarded with 1,000gp each. (End of Module 2)
  • After a much overdue rest the party finally gets level 4.
  • While shopping in Overlook the party is ambushed by a group looking for the brass key. The group is apparently working for someone named Modra. (Start of Module 3)

Kill Recap:

  • Tusk, Orog Chieftain (Level 5 Elite Soldier) – NPC created for this module
  • Myrissa, Shadar-kai Dark Warlock (Level 2 Elite Skirmisher) – NPC created for this module
  • 2 Orc Bolt Throwers (Level 1 Artillery) – New monster created for this module
  • 2 Orog Militants (Level 3 Soldier) – New monster created for this module
  • Many Orc Drudges (Level 4 Minion) – They kept arriving at the Nexus as the fight progressed
  • 3 Human Berserkers (Level 4 Brute)
  • 3 Human Guards (Level 3 Solider)
  • 1 Human Mage (Level 4 Artillery)


  • Major Quest – Sealing the Nexus – 750 party xp and 1,000gp per person


Our Wizard’s storm ability was bloody useful; kept a bunch of those pesky Orcs off our backs.

And I heard some of the others muttering about Dwarvish architects “overcompensating”. Overcompensating? Overcompensating?! Just because we’re able to construct marvels in stone and metal, it doesn’t me we feel insecure about our size!!

-- Adrik
Session 9

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