Halfling Scales of War Campaign

Session 25

The Grand Cathedral

Plot Recap:

  • At the end of the last session, the party entered a huge cathedral area.
  • In this area was a group of fey, waiting to spring an ambush on the other group in the northern area of the temple.
  • Mistaking the party for members of this other group, the fey attack.
  • The noise alerts the other group that something is going on, and they break down the northern door and join the frey.
  • A massive 3-way battle ensues. The party is victorious, but some of the fey get away.
  • Each character has 21,848 exp at the end of the session. (The party only got exp for half of the monsters in the cathedral.)

Fey Faction Lineup:

  • Slystone Dwarf Ruffian (Level 10 Soldier) – Seemed to be the group leader
  • 5 Quickling Runners (Level 9 Skirmisher)
  • 3 Banshrae Dartswarmers (Level 11 Artillery)

Other Faction Lineup:

  • 2 Spitting Trolls (Level 10 Soldier (Leader))
  • Redspawn Firebelcher (Level 12 Artillery) – Led by one of the Spitting Trolls
  • Two-Headed Troll (Level 10 Elite Brute)
  • 4 Trolls (Level 9 Brute)

Loot Found:

  • The Slystone Dwarf carried Dice of Auspicious Fortune (Level 11)
  • The Two-Headed Troll wore Large Earthhide Armor +3 (Level 11)



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