Halfling Scales of War Campaign

Session 24

Into Mountainroot Temple

Plot Recap:

  • At the end of the previous session, the party reached the portal to Mountainroot Temple
  • Immediately after entering the portal the party is attacked by Harpies and Slystone Dwarves.
  • After defeating their attackers, the party interrogates one of the Slystone Dwarves.
  • The Slystone Dwarves and Harpies belog to a group of fey that have come to the temple in search of the Incunabulum Primeval. Their leader, “Our Lady of the Deathly Song”, has the book, but the fey have been unable to leave the temple because none of the teleporters are working. They believe that the teleporter malfunction is due to another faction they have encountered in the northern part of the temple. Currently the fey and this other faction are at a stalemate for control of the temple.
  • The party proceeds to the western part of the temple and eventually finds a secret door leading to the dwarven vault. They encounter and defeat more fey there, and collect a considerable amount of treasure.
  • The party decides to rest for the night in the vault, and when they wake up everyone is level 10.
  • The party then proceeds northward into the temple underchambers. There they discover an area that includes a forge and monastic cells. This area is defended by 2 dwarven constructs and a magical trap.
  • From there the party loops back southward into a huge cathedral area.
  • Each character has 20,988 exp at the end of the session.

Kill Recap:

  • 4 Harpy Screechers (Level 9 Controller) – Split across 2 encounters
  • 2 Slystone Dwarf Ruffians (Level 10 Soldier) – Note: Actually a type of gnome
  • 3 Quickling Runners (Level 9 Skirmisher)
  • Daggerspring Floor – Trap (Level 10 Obstacle)
  • 2 Marching Hammers (Level 10 Brute)
  • Radiant Tendrils – Trap (Level 13 Obstacle)

Loot Found in the Vault:

  • A gold statuette of a female dwarf blacksmith at work at the forge, worth 1,500gp
  • A sapphire worth 1,000gp
  • A small ruby carefully chiseled into the shape of a burning flame, worth 1,500gp
  • A small pouch containing 4 polished stones of alexandrite worth 500gp each
  • 800gp
  • 1,000sp (worth 100gp)
  • 2 potions of healing

Loot found in the Forge:

  • Battlestrider Greaves (Level 12)



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