Halfling Scales of War Campaign

Session 23

Rescuing Durkik

Plot Recap:

  • At the end of the previous session, the party followed Captain Aerun to a warehouse in the Blister district.
  • When the party investigates the warehouse Aerun and his lackeys attack. Two of the lackeys are dopplegangers. Aerun, however, does not change form when slain and is apparently not a doppelganger. Aerun also used telekinetic powers during the fight, which is unusual for a dwarven guard.
  • While interrogating a lackey a second group of thugs entered the warehouse and attacked the party. The party recognized the group leader as Goodman Kyrrist. One of the lackeys was a doppelganger, but like Aerun, Goodman did not change form when slain.
  • Interrogating a lackey revealed that High Priest Durkik (the real one) is being held in a secret chamber under the warehouse.
  • Durkik’s cell was trapped. The trap was not designed to injure outside help, but rather to kill Durkik if someone tries to rescue him. Callie manages to save Durkik anyway through a clever use of her breaching armor.
  • After Durkik is rescued he tells the party that someone named General Zithiruun has been interrogating him about Mountianroot Temple. Durkik doesn’t know why Zithiruun is interested in the temple, but he fears that it can’t be good.
  • Because Overlook seems to be infested with dopplegangers, Durkik can’t trust anyone in town and asks the party to investigate Mountianroot Temple for him.
  • The party agrees to go to the temple and decides to proceed immediately, rather than resting for the night.
  • In addition, Durkik mentions that somewhere in the temple is a book of great power known as the Incunabulum Primeval. If the party brings the book to Durkik, he will give them 3,600gp from the temple treasury as well as legal right to any other treasure the party finds.
  • Durkik takes the party to a secret portal hidden in the Stone Anvil. Durkik is not able to accompany the party into the portal room.
  • The portal is protected by a magical trap designed to test for knowledge of Moradin’s teachings in anyone trying to pass. The party fails the test and is attacked by the animated chains. They eventually defeat the chains and reach the portal.
  • Each character has 19,768 exp at the end of the session.

Skill Challenges:

  • Spike Tube Trap (non-standard skill challenge)
  • Entering the Portal (Level 9, Complexity 5)

Kill Recap:

  • 3 Doppelganger Assassins (Level 8 Lurker) – Split across 2 warehouse encounters
  • 12 Streetwise Thugs (Level 9 Minion) – Split across 2 warehouse encounters
  • Captain Aerun (description withheld for now)
  • Goodman Kyrrist (description withheld for now)
  • 5 Writhing Chains (Level 10 Skirmisher) – Due to failed skill challenge

Loot Found:

  • In the “office” part of the warehouse was a silver hammer (decorative) worth 250gp
  • Also in the office was 3 tanglefoot bags (Level 7)



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