Halfling Scales of War Campaign

Session 22

Conspiracy discovered

Plot Recap:

(Note: There was a lot of interaction with NPCs during this session. Many details have been glossed over to keep the recap concise.)

  • The party heads to the temple of Erathis in the Divine Knot to speak to Lavinya, the priestess of a rather run-down temple dedicated to Erathis.
  • Lavinya is concerned that a friend of hers, Haelyn, has gone missing. Haelyn is the priestess to a shrine dedicated to Erathis in the Tradetown district.
  • Lavinya says that a man named Gorvald maintains the shrine now, and Gorvald claims that Haelyn is on a spiritual retreat.
  • Lavinya says that she has shared her concerns with some of the other clergy in town, but they were oddly distant and uncaring.
  • The party visited the shrine of Erathis in Tradetown during the afternoon and came back later that night to investigate further.
  • While looking for clues the party is ambushed by Gorvald and his thugs, some of whom are dopplegangers.
  • Gorvald is captured and his thugs are dispatched. Haelyn’s body is discovered. After some questioning, the party gives Gorvald to the town guard.
  • The party meets with Aerun, the captain of the Overlook guard. Aerun tells the party that his people will investigate the matter, and that the party should not interfere.
  • The party reports back to Lavinya. When they leave they’re ambushed by more thugs.
  • Somewhere in all of this the party rested for the night.
  • The party speaks with Ancestor Karros at a Moradin temple that’s being renovated. They discover from him that High Priest Durkik has been behaving oddly.
  • The party tries to confront Durkik at The Stone Anvil, but the under-priests refuse to let the party speak to him.
  • Following other clues, the party decides to stake out The Pig and Bucket tavern. There they find Captain Aerun meeting with a scruffy looking individual.
  • When Aerun leaves the tavern, the party follows him to a warehouse in the Blister district.
  • Each character has 18,638 exp at the end of the session.

Skill Challenges:

  • Catching Aerun (Level 9, Complexity 3)

Kill Recap:

  • Gorvald, Human Priest (Level 9 Elite Controller(Leader))
  • 6 Doppelganger Assassins (Level 8 Lurker) – Split across 2 encounters
  • 12 Streetwise Thugs (Level 9 Minion) – Split across 2 encounters

Quests Completed:

  • Learn Haelyn’s Fate (80 exp per party member)

Loot Found:

  • Grovald had Braidmail of Resistance +3 (Fire) (Level 12)
  • Grovald also had 120gp
  • One of the Dopplegangers from the ambush had a list that described each member of the party



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