Halfling Scales of War Campaign

Session 21

Fangren’s Demise and Amyria’s Transformation

Plot Recap:

  • After defeating Gilgathorn ambush the party takes a well deserved rest in the forest outside of Fortress Graystone.
  • Apon returning to the fortress the party discovers that Fangren has posted reinforcements to guard the fortress entrance. However these gnolls are dispatched easily, hinting that Fangren’s resources may be wearing thin.
  • The party makes its way to the ritual chamber where Fangren is trying to summon an avatar of the demon lord Yeenoghu the Destroyer. Fangren is dangerously close to his goal, having used the chamber’s natural energies to create a conduit to the Elemental Chaos.
  • Eventually Fangren and his followers are defeated. After some additional effort the magical conduit is closed as well.
  • At this point the sword Amyria speaks to the party once more. Amyria explains the ritual that is necessary to restore her true form. The party performs the ritual and Amyria is transformed into a humanoid form. Although you can’t be sure, she seems to be a Deva.
  • Amyria seems to have lost much of her memory in the transformation. She questions the party about where she is and how she got there, but she expresses gratitude after the party explains the situation.
  • Amyria explains that she must go to Overlook at once. She can’t explain why, but she feels that her presence is needed there.
  • (Note: This marks the end of the module “Den of the Destroyer” and the beginning of the module “The Temple Between”.)
  • The party decides to accompany Amyria to Overlook. Since her route bypasses Brindol, the party sends a message to Sertanian, explaining the situation.
  • When the party arrives in Overlook they find a great deal of activity as the city is reinforcing and augmenting its defenses.
  • The party doesn’t have long to contemplate this though, because Amyria immediately heads off through the crowd. The party decides to follow her, and she stops at an abandoned temple of Bahamut in the Nine Bells district. She enters the temple and begins to meditate. Zan-Kyri stays with her while the rest of the party finds accommodations for their stay in town.
  • During their first evening in town the innkeeper tells the party that someone named Lavinya has been looking for them. She is the priestess of the temple of Erathis in the Divine Knot. Since it sounds urgent the party decides to head there immediately. (This is the same day that the party arrived in town.)
  • Each character has 17,498 exp at the end of the session.

Skill Challenges:

  • Closing the Conduit (Level 9, Complexity 3)

Kill Recap:

  • 6 Wicked Fang Recruits (Level 8 Minion)
  • 1 Wicked Fang Lasher (Level 9 Skirmisher)
  • Fangren, Gnoll Shaman (Level 11 Elite Controller)
  • 2 Disciples of Yeenoghu (Level 7 Artillery)
  • 2 Crocottas (Level 9 Skirmisher)
  • 8 Abyssal Wretches (Level 6 Minion)
  • Claw of Yeenoghu (Level 8 Hazard)

Quests Completed:

  • The Ritual of Amyria (400 exp per party member)
  • The Captive’s Fate (70 exp per party member)

Loot Found:

  • Fangren had a Dagger +3
  • Fangern also wore a jewel encrusted silver armband worth 1,500gp.
  • Fangren carried 400gp
  • Fangren also carried 11 × 100gp gems
  • The ritual room contained 500gp worth of arcane ritual components scattered about
  • Amyria gave you a ritual book with the Seal Portal ritual



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