Halfling Scales of War Campaign

Session 19

Into Fortress Greystone

Plot Recap:

  • After a long trek through the Giantshield Mountains the party arrives at Fortress Graystone. The journey was difficult, and the party finds signs that someone is actively trying to impede their progress.
  • Upon arriving at Fortress Graystone the party spots Gnolls hiding behind statues outside the entrance. The party foils the ambush easily, despite the fact that the Gnolls were assisted by a spirit that could possess statues and attack with them.
  • After entering the fortress, the party finds themselves in a series of rooms with strange teleportation portals. The portals are part of an ancient Githzerai puzzle designed to challenge those who wish to enter. Also in the puzzle rooms was more Gnolls, guarding their new lair. The party defeated both the guards and the puzzle and moved on.
  • After exiting the Githerzerai puzzle rooms, the party heard Gnolls arguing down a side passage. The party managed to set up a clever ambush and defeat the Gnolls. The Gnolls were guarding 3 prisoners, which the party rescued. One prisoner was a wealthy land owner. Another was a curate at a church of Pelor. The third prisoner was a retired sage.
  • Each character has 14,211 exp at the end of the session.

Skill Challenges:

  • Travel to Fortress Graystone (Level 7, Complexity 3)

Kill Recap:

  • 2 Wicked Fang Scouts (Level 7 Skirmisher)
  • 2 Wicked Fang Sentries (Level 7 Soldier)
  • 1 Stonewalker Spirit (Level 7 Lurker)
  • 1 Gnoll Demonic Scourge (Level 8 Brute/Leader)
  • 3 Wicked Fang Maulers (Level 7 Brute) – Total number from 2 fights
  • 3 Wicked Fang Lashers (Level 9 Skirmisher) – Total number from 2 fights
  • 1 Wicked Fang Keeper (Level 8 Elite Controller)
  • 2 Wicked Fang Guards (Level 6 Soldier)

Loot Found:

  • The stairs gnolls were carrying coins totaling to 600gp.
  • The Gnoll Demonic Scourge had 3 small jade statues worth 250gp each.
  • The Gnoll Demonic Scourge had 2 potions of healing.
  • The Wicked Fang Keeper had a Belt of Raging Endurance (Given to Callie)
  • The Wicked Fang Keeper also had a 250gp ring and 50gp.


I’m glad we found the prisoners. And judging by the number of Gnolls on the inside, that puzzle at the front entrance wasn’t half clever enough.


Session 19

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