Halfling Scales of War Campaign

Session 17

Will the real Queen Shephatiah please stand up?

Plot Recap: (Chris joined us for this session, so I had to come up with a way to explain his sudden appearance. So…)

  • Back in overlook, Jon’s wizard (whose name I can’t remember) and Chris’ warlock (Marius Decius) were trying to unravel the secrets of the Shadowfell gate keys found in the previous adventure. They somehow triggered a magical feedback loop which pulled Marius into a portal. After travelling through a wormhole (during which Marius heard canaries chirping) Marius reappeared suddenly at the other Shadowfell gate key, which happened to be on Zan-Kyri’s belt.
  • Finding himself suddenly a very long way from Overlook, Marius decided to rejoin the party for a while.
  • The party went down into the lost mines of Karak via the secret entrance found at the end of last session.
  • After defeating some Troglodyte guards and disabling a dart trap, the party continued deeper into the mines.
  • The party soon began finding veins of dark red ore that glowed faintly.
  • The party also found the ancient remains of Dwarven miners. It looked as if the Dwarves killed each other due to some unknown madness. Most of the Dwarves were missing their skulls.
  • The party then encountered and defeated a band of oddly diverse monsters led by a Barlgura demon.
  • After travelling still deeper into the mines, the party encountered the true Queen Sephatiah and her followers in a large room with a rift of elemental chaos in the floor.
  • A mighty battle ensued but eventually the Queen and her followers were defeated.
  • The queen possessed some fairly impressive magic items (see below), including a magic ring which gives its wearer the properties of an elemental. (Nagas don’t have arms, so the Queen wore the ring on the tip of her tail.)
  • After gathering the items, the party returned to the fortress and rested for the night. The next morning the sandstorm had lifted, and the party was able to head back home.
  • Three days later the party arrived in Dunesend. The villagers were much friendlier after you convinced them that Queen Shephatiah was dead.
  • After more travelling the party made it back through the Thornwaste and from that point the party was able to travel by road back to Overlook.
  • Weary from many days of hard travelling, the party heads towards their rooms in town for a rest. However, before they get there they run into Kalad. Kalad tells the party that a messenger from Brindol arrived in Overlook yesterday looking for the party. She said her name was Alys and she sounded desperate.
  • Each character has 11,921 exp at the end of the session.

Kill Recap:

Quest Recap:

  • Saving Dunesend (50exp per party member)
  • Lost Karak (250exp per party member)

Loot Found:

Note: Total cash value gained since the party left Overlook: 4,400gp – This does not count what Bram Ironfell paid them and does not count any sold magic items.


Shame about the corrupted mine. Still, I should be able to pay Callie back now…


Session 17

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