Halfling Scales of War Campaign

Session 15

Into Karak

Plot Recap:

  • On the second day in the desert after leaving Dunesend the party encoutners an old lady in the desert who warns them to turn back. The party senses something isn’t quite right about the situation. And a fight ensues and the lady turns out to be a howling hag. Three shifters were also hidden in the sand.
  • On the third day in the desert the party arrives at a dwarven keep set into the side of a basalt cliff. If your information form Bram Ironfell is correct, this is probably Fortress Ironfell, and the Karak Lode is probably somewhere inside.
  • The gatehouse of the fortress was guarded by Troglodytes, which the party defeated.
  • With many different directions available to explore, the party chose to explore the eastern part of the first level.
  • The party quickly encountered a some humans and shifters guarding a set of stairs leading down. After the guards were defeated the party went downward into a deeper level.
  • After some additional exploring, the party found a dungeon area with 4 cells. In one of the cells sat an old man dressed as a simple peasant with 7 yellow canaries. The old man didn’t respond when spoken to, but did accept food and water when it was given. The party released the man and continued exploring.
  • After more exploration of the lower level the party discovered a crypt and was attacked by a berbalang. The party destroyed the berbalag fairly quickly.
  • Each character has 9,649 exp at the end of the session.

Kill Recap:

  • 1 Howling Hag (Level 7 Controller)
  • 3 Razorclaw Shifters (Level 7 Skirmisher)
  • 1 Troglodyte Curse Chanter (Level 8 Controller/Leader)
  • 2 Troglodyte Impalers (Level 7 Artillery)
  • 2 Troglodyte Maulers (Level 6 Soldier)
  • 5 Human Lackeys (Level 7 Minion)
  • 2 Longtooth Hunters (Level 6 Soldier)
  • 1 Iron Cobra Guardian (Level 6 Skirmisher)
  • 1 Lesser Berbalang (Level 7 Solo Skirmisher)

Loot Found:

  • The hag had a Potion of Regeneration and 100gp
  • The troglodyte curse chanter had 4 uses of Desert Rose
  • 220gp was found on upper guards and among personal effects in barracks *2 small silver dwarven figurines worth 250gp each in lower barracks
  • 280gp combined on the Longtooth Hunters
  • Rebounding Throwing Hammer +2 on the floor in the crypts
  • Moradin’s Indestructible Anvil +2 also on the crypt floor


The first fight was nasty. We got split up which left Zeerocks and Callie facing two of the trogs while the heavies were tied up elsewhere. Balasar got seriously left behind at one point, but was able to catch up and, being the knight in shining armour he is, charged to their aid while Zan-Kyrie and I dealt with the other three trogs.

And the Paladin is definitely showing signs of being a bit crazy. When he saw the old man with the canaries he started going on about it being a common guise Bahamut uses to travel the world. What rot! The chap seems barely aware of his surroundings!

Session 15

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