Halfling Scales of War Campaign

Session 14

A trip through the Thornwaste

Aftermath of the previous session:

  • The Overlook town watch raids several warehouses and shuts down the local weapon smuggling operation.
  • The fame of the party has grown even further. The party is now known as the “Heroes of Overlook”.
  • The party divides the loot from the previous adventure, and spends several days resting and resupplying.

Starting a new module:

  • Kalad approaches the party and explains that a wealthy local businessman wishes to meet with them.
  • Over dinner and drinks Bram Ironfell gives a lengthy history lesson about a lost mine known as the Karak Lode.
  • Bram explains that he has recently obtained directions that he believes lead to the Karak Lode, and he offers to pay the party in advance to search for the lost mine. The party is also allowed to keep any treasure they find.
  • The party agrees to undertake the journey.
  • After an uneventful trip on well-travelled roads, the party spends 4 days crossing the Thornwaste.
  • During the first day in the Thornwaste the party meets Mag Blackthorn, a ranger who protects the Thornwaste. Mag agrees to accompany the party to the far side of the Thornwaste.
  • On the second day in the Thornwaste the party is ambushed by a group of dwarves with a trained hell hound. The dwarves appear to be from the Hammerfist clan, rivals of the Ironfell clan.
  • At the end of the fourth day in the Thornwaste, the party reaches the village of Dunesend, and Mag leaves the party.
  • When the party arrives in Dunesend, a villager is being beaten by a large gnoll with a pet behir and some satyr henchmen. The party thrashes them mightily.
  • Afterwards, the party learns that the gnoll was known as The Warden, and he served someone known as Queen Sephatiah.
  • Most of the villagers of Dunesend are unhappy with the party, because they fear reprisals from the Queen for the death of the Warden.
  • However, one of the villagers is willing to give the party a place to say for the night.
  • The next morning the party heads south into the desert in search of the lost mine, and possibly Queen Sephatiah as well.
  • On the second day in the desert the party finds an old lady in the desert who warns them to turn back. The party senses something isn’t quite right about the situation. (This encounter won’t be resolved until next session.)

Kill Recap:

  • 3 Dwarf Hammerers (Level 5 Soldier)
  • 2 Dwarf Bolters (Level 4 Artillery)
  • Hell Hound (Level 7 Brute)
  • The Warden, Gnoll Demonic Scourge (Level 8 Brute/Leader) – New NPC
  • Juvenile Behir Thunderlance (Level 10 Artillery) – New creature
  • 3 Satyr Rakes (Level 7 Skirmisher)

Skill Challenges:

  • Through the Thornwaste (Level 6, Complexity 3)


Ahh, a chance to return a mine to Dwarfen hands!

But it seems that there might be more to this situation than initially meets the eye. Attacked by my own people; a community terrorised into giving tribute to a shadowy Queen; and an out-of-place old woman in the desert. Assuming we live, we need to tread carefully.


Session 14

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