Halfling Scales of War Campaign

Session 13

The party meets Sarshan

Plot Recap:

  • The party proceeds through the secret tunnel into the Umbraforge Tower.
  • The tunnel opens into the tower library, where a battle ensues. One of the defenders activates a shadow dart trap. The defenders are defeated and Callie disarms the trap, but the party takes a good bit of damage in the process.
  • The party manages to capture one of Sarhan’s sages in his laboratory. The sage provides valuable intelligence about the tower in exchange for his life.
  • Using the information from the sage, the party bypasses an encounter with some of Sarshan’s giant insect pets.
  • The party ends up battling some more Shadar-kai guards and eventually gets to Sarshan’s room at the top of the tower. However, Sarshan isn’t there and the party finds no incriminating documents.
  • A short time later the party is faced with an overwhelming force of Shadar-kai guards. With no hope of defeating the guards, the party agrees to go down to the 2nd floor and wait for Sarshan to return to the tower.
  • Sarshan returns through a teleportation portal, and it turns out he was the strange farmer that the party talked to in The Happy Beggar.
  • Much dialog ensues. Sarshan is pleased by Modra’s death and tries to convince the party to work for him.
  • Most of the party was very reluctant to accept Sarshan’s offer, but they were also reluctant to be stabbed by pointy things the guards carried. So the party stalled for time.
  • While negotiations are going on the Umbraforge Foundry explodes. It seems that part of Modra’s plan worked after all.
  • Sarshan orders various squads of guards to various damage control tasks. Before Sarshan leaves with the last squad he orders his guard captain, Thannu, to kill the party.
  • A battle ensues between Thannu, Thannu’s trained shadow panthers, and the party. The party wins, but several people go unconscious. Everyone is low or out of healing surges.
  • After the battle there is a skill challenge to reconfigure the teleporter Sarshan just used.
  • The party teleports to the Black Shrine, but before they can activate the portal back to the prime world, another tremor draws shadows out of the portal. Yet another fight ensues. After it is over the party is very, very battered.
  • The party goes through the portal back to the tunnels under the Hungry Beggar. Some more shadows try to follow the party through the portal but the shadows end up destroying the shadowfell portal in the process.
  • The party leaves the tunnels and goes to get a well deserved rest. (And they’re level 6 when they wake up.)

Kill Recap:

  • Shadar-kai Witch (Level 7 Controller)
  • Shadar-kai Gloomblade (Level 6 Lurker)
  • 2 Shadar-kai Warriors (Level 8 Soldier)
  • Shadow Dart Wall (Trap, Level 6 Blaster) – New trap
  • 2 Shadar-kai Chainfighters (Level 6 Skirmisher)
  • Dark Haunter (Level 6 Lurker) (New creature. Really just a Dark Creeper with some extra abilities.)
  • Mad Wraith (Level 6 Controller)
  • Thannu, Shadar-kai Battle Champion (Level 8 Elite Soldier) – New NPC
  • 2 Umbral Panthers (Level 6 Lurker) – New creature
  • 6 Specters (Level 4 Lurker)

Skill Challenges:

  • Configuring the Portal (Level 7, Complexity 1)


Adrik shakes his head wearily. All of the fights we had were tiring. We all had to dig deep into our reserves to make it through today, but we saw the face of our enemy, and we persevered.

Balasar landed perhaps the most telling blow of the day, though. Thannu was a serious threat, but the Paladin managed to swing his fullblade just right, and staggered the Shadar-Kai with a strike that was perfectly placed and with much power behind it. That gave us the initiative in that fight, enough to finish it with a little bit of fight left in us, even if we were scraping the bottom of our resources. And we needed it against the spectres.

But we came through. And, as is said by the humans, that which didn’t kill us made us stronger.

Session 13

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